Coop Discovery Team

Alejandro Moreno (him/his)

Beverly Kyer (she/hers)

Beverly Kyer is a Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, and Author of the Amazon bestseller, Surviving Compassion Fatigue: Help for Those Who Help Others. She has devoted 16 years to training Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers; helping them employ self-care recovery and neuro-physiological regulation strategies.

Diana Marie Lee (she/they)

An elder healing woman whose roots are African American and Cherokee Nation, from Tahlequah and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Diana is an experienced healer, activist, entrepreneur, and capacity builder who brings their UX/UI skills to bridge technology, good design, strategic planning, and social justice. Diana’s particular areas of experience include restorative HR, cooperative capital raising and resource mobilization.

Jenna Torres aka Jenna Rollins (she/hers)

Jenna Torres is a dedicated Social Justice Advocate. She loves to teach communities about her lived experiences such as being a young mom, growing up in foster care, navigating survival based sex work and how to have best practices for those in the Sex industry through education and compassionate care. A lot of her work is infused with creative arts with communities to help them also tell their stories too.

Joquetta “Joey” Batista (she/they)

Kamalah Fletcher (she/hers)

Nadia Bourne (they/theirs)

Nadia is intimately familiar with how we allow the human condition to overshadow the human spirit as a survivor of many traumas who navigates the liminal space of multiple oppressed identities. The apparatus for their work spanning over ten years— intent on the advancement of humankind, particularly underserved and marginalized communities— centers authenticity, love, and connection as a throughline. 

Patricia St. Onge (she/hers)

Patricia St. Onge (Haudenosaunee and Quebecoise, adopted Cheyenne River Lakota) is a grandmother and mom. She’s also the founder of Seven Generations Consulting and Coaching, offering individual and group/team coaching, primarily with members of social justice organizations. She is the lead author of Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders.

Ruth Jeannoel (she/hers)

Ruth Jeannoel is a Haitian American, cultural organizer, holistic healer and writer. She is also a mother and wife. Currently, Ruth serves as the founder and director of the growing non-profit, Fanm Saj, Inc based in Miami, FL. She does community building workshops and training through Restorative Justice Peace Keeping and healing justice. Ruth serves as a consultant and is part of the Co-op discovery process with Sweet Livity, LLC. 

Samuel González (they/theirs)

Samuel has spent their life finding ways to reconcile the intersecting identities that reside within. Bringing art, coaching, creative strategies, healing practices, and digital wizardry to Sweet Livity’s work, Samuel is helping transform how people do business. Because of Samuel’s intersectional nature, they have been able to create transformational spaces in many areas, including higher education and the nonprofit sector.

Taij Kumarie Moteelall (she/they)

Taij Kumarie Moteelall is committed to building a solidarity economy powered by harmonious relationships among people and with the natural world. Born in Guyana and raised largely in the US, she has blazed a successful path in the arts, activism, resource mobilization, transformative leadership development, and entrepreneurship for over 20 years.

Thu Banh (she/hers)

Yunuen Rhi (they/we)

Isuini Martial Healing Arts founder, Yunuen Rhi,  is a martial arts philosophy and movement instructor, as well as an anthropologist, artist and healer based in Los Angeles, California. their roots are in Mexico, the United States, and Korea. They started training in Baguazhang and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008 with her first Master, Liu Xuyang and was initiated into the 6th generation of his lineage in 2010.