Diana Lee

Diana Marie Lee

Introduction to Diana Marie Lee

An elder healing woman whose roots are African American and Cherokee Nation, from Tahlequah and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Diana is an experienced healer, activist, entrepreneur and capacity builder who brings their UX/UI skills to bridge technology, good design, strategic planning and social justice. Diana’s particular areas of experience include: restorative HR, cooperative capital raising and resource mobilization, culture-shift using a racial equity with intersectionality approach, and culturally-based organizational and community development.

Diana has worked for 30 years to strengthen the leadership and systems capacity of organizations (nonprofit and for profit), government agencies and philanthropic institutions to define and achieve their goals.  Diana works primarily with leaders and organizations to improve quality of life and outcomes for vulnerable communities including immigrants, refugees, youth, elders, labor activists, farmers, low-income people, people with special health care needs, and communities of color. 

Diana brings significant experience to developing, managing, and facilitating cohort-based learning within large, complex transformational leadership and community change initiatives with many moving parts. Diana has led statewide and regional change efforts in California and Michigan (Detroit), and across several states including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Diana teams up on racial equity work through several networks: DEI Expert Hub, Catalyst:Ed; Haas Leadership Initiatives, Haas, Jr. Fund; Movement to End Violence, NoVo Foundation and B Lab USA/Canada

Prior to founding Sweet Livity LLC, Diana served as Vice President of Programs at the National Community Development Institute and managed technical support and training programs in diverse communities across the country for individuals, organizations, and neighborhood/ community projects. Diana is a Past Chair and current member of the Board of Directors for the Highlander Center in Tennessee. 

Diana grew up working class in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives a bi-coastal lifestyle with bases in Richmond and Oakland, CA and Miami, FL.