Power with Others: Collective Dreaming

Power with Others: Collective Dreaming

Langston Hughes once said, “All of you who are dreamers too, help me to make our world anew. I reach out my dreams to you.”

Sweet Livity was inspired by the Founder’s childhood dreams at age 12 or 13 years and then a remembrance of these dreams in her 40’s of building healing spaces.  At the heart of Sweet Livity services and operations is a commitment to five DREAM-inspired Core Values for a different way of working and living in our world.

The “M” in DREAM stands for Mutual Discovery and Well-being.  The Sweet Livity Brand is built on deeply honored traditions of mutual reciprocity and support which enable one’s individual goals to be successfully met through trusting, creative, soulful and innovative collaborations. Through the development of authentic and interactive relationships with our stakeholders, Sweet Livity builds community intentionally through serving as a portal for dynamic and soulful exchange of ideas, skills, talents, gifts and materials resources.

Last week, Sweet Livity engaged in creative visualization to imagine the possibilities for our work this year. This week, we begin the process of mutual discovery to find people and organizations whose dreams and goals complement our own.  Our intention is to enter intentional collaborations which build collective power towards collective impact.

Inner Vision Iii Painting by alfred gockel; Inner Vision Iii Art Print for sale

Inner Vision Iii Painting by alfred gockel


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