Sweet Livity reaches the semi-finalist round for investment

Sweet Livity reaches the semi-finalist round for investment

Sweet Livity reached the semi-final round for investment by a global community of woman investors. While not selected as a finalist for investment, community members lauded Sweet Livity's North Star: To Revolutionize all work to be liberating and just for the most vulnerable workers: immigrants, refugees, youth, elders, queer, indigenous, the poor, working class, gender nonconforming people, people returning to community life from being homeless or in prison, sex workers, people with special health care needs, the unemployed and under-employed, labor activists, farmers, and communities of color.

Sweet Livity's North Star metric is that vulnerable workers recover and heal from illness, stress, compassion fatigue and indifference to improve mental, emotional, spiritual, economic and cultural wellbeing.

Why this Vision?

Across our diverse clients, the people we center are Black, Latinx and Indigenous, with over 90% identifying as women or gender nonconforming and 80% identifying as cash and asset poor. We're responding to increasing requests to help people navigate through the maze of resources coming in, supporting them to find and access resources within the context of historical oppression, anti-Black and anti-immigrant sentiments, Brown/Black tensions, lack of investments in our communities, attacks on our communities, which hinder everyone's liberation.

What Success Looks Like?

The most vulnerable workers not only survive this crisis but come through it with optimal health and economic well-being because they have access to the resources they need, with mentorship to coordinate and leverage those resources. That the places where they work or return to work are better positioned to shift workplace climate and policies, with managers leading in healthier ways that are inclusive and encourages democratic participation.

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