Sweet Livity at the Nafsi Ya Jamii Fall Festival on September 22nd

Sweet Livity at the Nafsi Ya Jamii Fall Festival on September 22nd

As part of our community healing work, Sweet Livity is co-facilitating the upcoming “Our Soul Community” Fall Festival in partnership with Nafsi Ya Jamii, an emerging urban retreat center in Oakland, CA.  Nafsi Ya Jamii, in Swahili, translates into “Soul Community”.  The free public event takes place on September 22nd from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at 3746 39th Avenue (Cross Street Mac Arthur Avenue) in the city’s  Laurel District.  A ceremony will be held at 1:00 pm.

Earlier this year, Nafsi Ya Jamii approached Sweet Livity to serve in residence and develop the retreat center’s Wellness Programs. Given our values and focus on helping people experience “Livity” in their lives, this collaboration is a perfect match.

Drawn on the the Rastafarian concept of “Livity”, Sweet Livity is about appreciating and enjoying the sweetness of life.  In this context, Livity means aliveness, vitality and inspiration.  It is about living in harmony with self, community and nature in ways which supports one’s own personal healing and contributes to the healing of the spaces in which one lives, works and plays.

During the event, the Sweet Livity Team will lead a number of wellness activities to introduce the community to the types of healing work we’ll offer to individuals and groups who use the Nafsi Ya Jamii urban retreat center, including:

  • Organic Food Facials
  • Healing Plants Educational Garden Tour
  • Hip Hop Mini-Dance Sessions (for all ages and abilities)
  • Meditation/Sound Toning
  • Body Work (e.g., massage)

In addition, there will be other activities for your enjoyment, including a Pie Walk, Sunflower seed eating contest, Raffle Prizes, Live Music and Great Food.

Come and celebrate the abundance of the Fall season with Sweet Livity and Nafsi Ya Jamii!


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